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Nothing has arrived here by chance. Every piece has been expertly crafted in South Africa, before being hand picked and delivered to our Friesland showroom. Constant attention to detail, from start to finish. Something to think about while you enjoy this beautifully curated collection.

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James Mudge

James Mudge

James Mudge has been making bespoke, hand-made, solid wood furniture since 2006. They are a small, highly trained team of skilled artisans who produce solid-wood furniture with a contemporary aesthetic and classical design-and-build ethos that makes each piece timeless.

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Pick Up Sticks Server

Winner of the Elle Décor Designer of the Year Award, the Pick up Sticks is a visually commanding piece of furniture that forms part of our signature range. As the name suggests, the Pick up Sticks design was inspired by the children’s game also known as Mikado. Wall-mounted, the Pick up Sticks presents clean contemporary lines and simplicity, while at the same time shows the chaos and kinetic energy of sticks falling to the ground. This piece is made from solid Oak with dark navy painted ends highlighting the visual dynamism of the timber. The Pick up Sticks can only be mounted on standard masonry walls. Installation on dry walls is not recommended unless special structural arrangements are made.   This product can be customized. Please enquire for more info.

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Nesting Tables

The Brass Top Nesting Tables are sold as a pair and can be used either together or on either side of a sitting arrangement. The brass provides an interesting departure from solid timber whilst maintaining the material integrity of our designs. Brass is historically used in furniture and architecture and develops a worn-in patina over time much the same as solid wood. With use, scratches and scuff marks will appear. This forms part of the warmth and charm of the antiquated brass finish, reminiscent of old country hotel bar-counters. The Brass Top Nesting Tables are also available with a Fenix inlay instead of Brass.   This product can be customized. Please enquire for more info.

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Harris Dining Table

The Harris Dining Table has the same slender, tapered leg design as the brass top table, however, it is combined with a solid timber top, positioned above the base with a 2mm shadow gap. The position of the leg allows for maximum seating, making it a perfect design for small spaces. The simplicity of the piece is complemented by the gently curved and rounded leg detail, which adds a contemporary element to an otherwise classic and timeless shape. The Harris Table can also be made as a desk, side table or coffee table.   This product can be customized. Please enquire for more info.

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Our Designers

The designers, artists and studios we work with are all based in South Africa. This collaboration was born quite simply from the standout aesthetic and quality of their creations. We have got the feeling you’ll like them as much as we do.

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