Art Fair


12 - 15 November 2020

Due to the announcement of the new lock down of the French territory, it is with a heavy heart that the organization of AKAA are forced to postpone the fifth edition of AKAA.

They really tried. Every aspect of the fair had been re-imagined to adjust to the current health context : a more intimate format, discrete visiting slots, and events spread out over the entire duration of the fair, all in order to welcome exhibitors and visitors in the best and safest possible conditions.

Their goal in creating AKAA was to contribute to building and defending a market in full development. Today, more than ever, as the entire world finds itself in the eye of the storm, we must stay on course and move forward together to protect the sustainability of this market.

Thanks to the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, the fair newspaper – highlighting 22 of the 45 artists of AKAA 2020 – will be published. A print version will be distributed through our exhibitors and partners, and a digital version will be accessible  on our website.

Thanks to the French Institute, we will maintain a virtual conference program, with panel discussions addressing issues and challenges faced by the contemporary art market in Africa through the perspectives of three cities: Dakar, Marrakech and Kinshasa.

Despite the fair not taking place in a physical location in Paris, we would still like to share with you the accomplished work and the sharp artistic selection that we were eagerly awaiting to unveil to you. Therefor our selection for AKAA 2020 will be on show in our gallery simultaneously with our Cologne Fine Art & Design 2020 selection. Selected artists for the fair are Morné Visagie, Sanell Aggenbach and Shakil Solanki.

If you wish to receive the catalogue, please send us an email to

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