20 October - 05 January 2019

“Die Bloue Wis” at Nuweland Gallery, is an exhibition of selected works of the last eight years. Growing up on Robben lsland, the Atlantic Ocean that separated Visagie from the Mainland became a recurring metaphor in his imagination, and for the past eight years, the colour blue has been the primary medium in his work; a personal symbol of death, loss, nostalgia, memory, religion, sexuality, exile and distance.

With his current work, he is researching Robben lsland’s history as a place of dislocation and loss for those who have been discriminated against (banished and incarcerated there), and the sea, in this case the Atlantic Ocean, as a transitional space between life and death. The underlying violence in his work subtly deals with this notion of death in evocative and sensual ways.

Through breaking ideas down to abstract forms and colour, Visagie visually strips the work of the historical, psychological and conceptual weight it carries; creating something that can be experienced through immersion of oneself into a place of wonder and resonance that alludes to the subtext of violence, but understood through beauty.

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