Kees Muizelaar

Photos are made every day by passers-by who have never seen anything like it. Café De Veehandel, in no man's land between Scherpenzeel and Spanga, is a picture of decline.

Kees (1983) has been active as a freelance photographer for more than ten years. With an eye for detail, a sharp eye and rich experience, he already knows how to capture a lot of images. From everyday to special, from business to very personal. In 2011 he graduated from the Utrecht School of the Arts, with a focus on documentary photography. With his camera, Kees investigates what is already there, but what most people forget to look at. With his characteristic melancholic, almost poetic images, he shoots portraits with respect for the subject. NRC Next appreciates the talent of Kees, on the middle page the newspaper published his portrait of the Dutch albino Geoffrey. Frisian Historical and Literature Center Tresoar in Leeuwarden previously exhibited its series Himmelum, about the empty course of the Frisian countryside.   Café De Veehandel Café De Veehandel is located in the municipality of Weststellingwerf, province of Friesland on the border of Spanga and Scherpenzeel. A special appearance in the landscape. A place where time has stood still. Yellowed wallpaper, worn floor coverings, old curtains and a characteristic café air, all told a special story. It was once a meeting place where many people came, unfortunately that is a thing of the past. Now it is quiet in the cafe, with the occasional stray tourist asking, “are you open?” Owner Zus Huizinga sees that times are changing, many old cafés are disappearing. The community is aging and the youth is staying away. Nobody knows what the future will look like, but I do know one thing, these are the places we shouldn’t forget. That is why I started to capture this unique place. Before it’s too late…

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