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    The colour, texture and composition of fabric may vary from that of the swatch
    or the products displayed in store or on our website due to dye lot variations
    and upholstery processes.


    The following may occur in leather products:


    • Dye lots may vary
    • Colour variations may occur due to multiple hides required to make up
      the product
    • Marks, tick bite scars, scratches, stretch marks and scuff marks are
      characteristic of full grain leather and are therefore not defects.
      Prominent brand marks may also be visible and are not considered
      defects. Solid timber products may have natural markings, cracks and
      colour variations due to the nature of the product; these are the
      characteristics of a natural product and not defects or signs of damage.


    Some products are made from reclaimed and/or recycled materials and will
    therefore have markings, colour variations, scratches and dents.


    These products may also have holes, nails and metal caps inconsistently
    visible on the product, due to the fact that materials have been recycled or
    reclaimed from their original use and are often hand crafted. The
    characteristics mentioned are not defects or signs of damage.