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    Fragrance No. 1 Candle by Stellenberg Gardens

    We were inspired to create the Stellenberg Candle range by the hypnotic and powerful fragrances we encountered in Stellenberg’s magical gardens.  As we moved from one garden to another in the evenings, these fragrances changed and we were intrigued by this, the splendour of the Cape Floral Kingdom, and the possibility of bringing these sensory pleasures to others.


    Every divinely distinctive Stellenberg candle is made of 100% pure eco soy wax, which is scented with premium quality African living oils to create a unique sensory experience.


    A sultry essence of natural rose pelargonium.


    Sultry African oils with hints of exotic sweetness from rose pelargonium combine in Stellenberg’s No l candle. This natural embrace captures the fragrance of Stellenberg’s aromatic herb garden on a spring afternoon.


    Burning time approximately 40 hours.

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