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    The customer will be provided with a quotation for all made to order products,
    CMT (cut, make and trim) products and back orders (collectively “special
    orders”). It is the customers responsibility to verify the correctness of all
    information on the quotation before Nuweland places an order with its
    supplier or manufacturers.


    The customer’s signature on the quotation will confirm verification. No special
    orders will be subject to return, exchange or refund. A deposit of at least 50%
    (to be finally determined by Nuweland depending on the circumstances) in
    advance is required on all special orders, which is subject to forfeiture if the
    order is cancelled at any time.


    The balance is payable in full before delivery. Lead time for special orders
    depends on the product, its availability and performance by Nuweland
    suppliers or manufacturers. The anticipated lead time will be stated on the
    invoice. Nuweland will inform the customer of any delays. It is acknowledged
    that products that are subject to special orders may differ from samples due to
    hand making processes and also the considerations set out in paragraph 1
    above and it will be so accepted by the customer.