Why Should I Hesitate: Putting Drawings To Work – William Kentridge

Exhibition in Cape Town

Why should I Hesitate: Putting Drawing to Work is a large exhibition by the internationally renowned artist William Kentridge. The exhibition will be the largest exhibition in Africa in more than a decade and will be hosted simultaneously in two parts, alongside Norval Foundation’s Why should I Hesitate: Sculpture. of Kentridge’s work, including early works, and newer pieces to be seen for the first time in South Africa. It will cover more than 40 years of artistic production (1976 – 2019) in drawing, stop frame animation, video, prints, sculpture, tapestries and large-scale installation. The title refers to Kentridge’s primary drawing practice and how this core activity informs and possibly informs his studio practice. makes. It also refers to the impact of individual action on history and the reverse – how history forms the present and the future – and acts as a commentary on various shifting hegemony of power politics, economies, language, and the authority to tell history. Both exhibitions will contain important works from Kentridge’s extensive oeuvre and will be accompanied by two new publications, designed in collaboration between Zeitz MOCAA, Norval Foundation and the artist. The exhibitions are accompanied by a series of lectures and performances with the artist and prominent voices in the cultural sector.

Why Should I Hesitate: Putting Drawings To Work – William Kentridge

Zeitz MOCAA, Cape Town

Curator: Azu Nwagbogu

Assistant Curator: Tammy Langtry

25 August 2019 t0 23 March 2020

More info: www.zeitzmocaa.museum