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    Our products

    You can tell when something has been made with pride, care, and craft. It’s what we look for when hand picking the products we stock. Something to think about while browsing our collections of Furniture, Homeware, Lighting, Rugs and Artwork.

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    Our designers

    The designers, artists and studios we work with are all based in South Africa. This collaboration was born quite simply from the standout aesthetic and quality of their creations. We have feeling you’ll like them as much as we do.

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    Our showroom

    A modern gallery in the picturesque Friesland countryside: it’s a beautiful place to look at beautiful things. While the pieces we stock are available through our website, we encourage you to come and visit our showroom; they’re far better in person.

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    Nothing has arrived here by chance. Every piece has been expertly crafted in South Africa, before being hand picked and delivered to our Friesland showroom. Constant attention to detail, from start to finish. Something to think about while you enjoy this beautifully curated collection.


    The pieces you’ll find at Nuweland have been made to last, and leave a lasting legacy. They’re an investment, and a commitment. So you have our commitment that should anything not already be a perfect fit for your home or space, we will tailor it as needed, to help make it entirely your own.